I can’t believe where the drugs are hidden. The Colombians had a bad plan – o2

According to the New York Post, the women were arrested at two different Colombian airports. The two attempted to travel to Madrid, but their journey was thwarted during a security check.

Traffickers hide drugs in hair extensions

While scanning the two women, airport staff discovered “foreign bodies” hidden in their hair. Each of them had high hair and intricate hairstyles with many braids. However, the auditors were not fooled and decided to carefully check every detail.

Airport staff who examined the women’s hair found black tubes hidden in the extensions. Upon opening them, officers saw bags of cocaine. Staff were immediately called to the site to arrest the culprits.

The Colombian Ministry of Defense considers the seizure of such quantities of drugs a major success. Photographs of the action were shown to the public. As it turned out, two kilograms of cocaine were recovered from the traffickers’ hair.

Last year, the Colombian Ministry of Defense announced a record smuggling crackdown.. Five tons of drugs worth around $200 million were intercepted. They were supposed to be sent to America, but the services discovered the gang earlier. After the chase, about 81 packages were safely stowed in the boat and 147 packages were rushed.

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