Hunter Biden didn’t want his illegitimate daughter to have his last name. He is also fighting for lower alimony

Navy Joan Roberts was born in late 2018, and DNA tests in 2019 confirmed her father — whom she had never met — was Hunter Biden.

The US President’s son admitted in his memoirs that he does not remember meeting the child’s mother – now 31-year-old Lunton Roberts – who claims to have suffered from the abuse of psychoactive substances, the Daily Telegraph recalls. The president’s son met the baby’s mother while working as a clothes remover In a nightclub in Washington.

Hunter Biden doesn’t recognize illegitimate daughter Being part of his family, his father refused to allow the child to be placed under Secret Service protection like his other grandchildren. Hunter has three daughters from his first marriage and a son from his second marriage.

Last September, the president’s son filed a lawsuit in Arkansas, where the Roberts are raising their daughter. An application to reduce child support explains “a serious change in financial circumstances.”.

In late December, Roberts applied to the court for permission to change the child’s surname, hoping it would correct the “mistakes and shortcomings” of the girl’s father. The little Navy mother argued that the child would benefit because the Biden name is now synonymous with “good education, success, financial success and political influence.”

In early January, Hunter Biden opposed Roberts’ request, saying a name change would deprive the child of a “quiet life.” He also suggested that his daughter decide on her name at a time when “the Biden name won’t be so maligned.”

Hunter Biden is federal prosecutors and the FBI over his business activities since 2018, but no charges have been brought against him so far. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives plans to include the president’s son’s business background in a congressional inquiry.

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