How to sign up for Taco Bell’s 10-month deal

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Taco Bell believes tacos deserve not just one day of recognition, but an entire month.

In celebration of National Taco Day on Wednesday, the fast food chain is bringing back its limited-edition deal where rewards program members can get “30 consecutive days of tacos” for just $10.

The Taco Lover’s Pass serves as a digital taco subscription that members can sign up for on the Taco Bell app on either Tuesday or Wednesday, according to the company. advertisement.

“We embrace our fans’ passion for this digital traffic along with the potential it holds to transform our retail experiences,” Dane Matthews, Taco Bell’s chief digital officer, said in the announcement.

A one-time purchase of $10 will unlock a hidden category in the app’s menu allowing users to choose a taco to redeem at a restaurant for 30 days. Eight taco options will be available, ranging from the Crunchy Taco Supreme to Doritos® Locos Tacos.

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What dining options are available with Taco Bell’s Lover’s Pass?

With Taco Lover’s Pass, rewards members can expand their menu horizons or stick with what they keep coming back for. The following are included in your 1-month taco subscription:

  • Crispy marinated beef taco
  • Crispy Seasoned Beef Taco Supreme
  • Soft marinated beef taco
  • Soft marinated beef taco supreme
  • Soft spicy potato taco
  • Seasoned Beef Doritos® Locos Tacos
  • Seasoned Beef Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme
  • All new toasted breakfast tacos
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Taco Bell launches new Toasted Breakfast Tacos

For fans of the chain’s crunchy breakfast wraps and breakfast quesadillas, the morning menu is about to welcome their newest addition. The new toasted breakfast tacos come with eggs, melted cheese, and a choice of bacon, sausage, or potatoes wrapped in a grilled tortilla. The new menu item will be available starting October 12 for $1.49 a la carte.

“The addition of the all-new Toasted Breakfast Tacos will launch a brand-new breakfast campaign, featuring a designated Taco Bell partner with a hot take on the most important meal of the day,” the company said.

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