How to easily revive and recruit NPCs and Respek

Don’t you hate when people die? Well, the good thing about living in Faerûn is that you can bring people back, you just need to know the right ones. withers, Baldur’s Gate 3 Your very own cipher guard, can not only restore fallen allies, but help you rebuild your character (though not change their appearance), and hire some extra help on your travels.

So let’s go over where to find him, how to get him to join your fun squad of tadpole misfits, and what you’ll gain from allying with him.

Where to find weathers

You won’t have to wait long to get Withers. In fact, you could get him to join your group shortly after the wreck of the Lithia. Once you get to this darn beach, there are at least three paths you can take to find it.

The map shows three areas of interest.

screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Head to the ruins northeast of the wrecked ship which is just north of the Overgrown Ruins waypoint. You’d probably have a really bad time if you walked through the door next to the Ruins waypoint, so instead, climb up to the ruins north where you’ll find your first chance at the Dank Crypt (stop laughing), where Withers is taking a nap in a coffin. Here’s how to get to the vault:

Watch out someone could get hurt – oh no, that’s too bad now, isn’t it?
GIF: Larian Studios / Kotaku

  1. Above a crack and hole in the ground, you’ll see a “foundation block” suspended by a winch. You’ll want to release the rope holding it (make sure you don’t stand under it. Sorry, Jill. I didn’t quite do that on purpose). Go down through the hatch, head west into the hall outside, then continue through the west doorway to a room with an altar and a headless statue. Walk through the door here.
  2. Go to the north side of the ruins and talk to the bandits to gain access (this will likely result in a fight). Take two lefts and then a right through the doorway until you’re standing in the room with the altar and statue. Go through the door on the west side here.
  3. Run to the northeast side of the ruins, climb up some vines, and keep going until you find an opening.

If you made one of the first two options here, you’ll want to take a left and head north on Dank Crypt (go right at your own risk). Get ready to fight with the robbers if you enter in these ways.

The map shows a highlighted location.

screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

If you take the hatch, you will climb an iron ladder to enter the cave. Go northwest to enter the Dank Crypt.

In the northern part of the Dank Crypt, you will find a button at the top of the stairs on the left that you must select after a successful automatic perception check. Go and beat it, but be prepared to fight with some scary stuff.

Skeleton glows green.

screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

As soon as you deal with anyone who is foolish enough to fight you, go into the room in the far north of this room, interact with the coffin, and talk to Withers. Don’t attack him. Keep the conversation on the positive side and he will offer to join you.

If you fail to obtain Withers at this point, he will appear to your camp at random and seek to join you. But choosing to get it right away is smart, because it’s so useful.

Why you should get Withers early

A more direct benefit to Withers is the ability to revive downed party members for 100 gold if they run out of revive scrolls. Simply chat with him at your camp to start the deal.

You can also pay him 200 gold to change your class or return your character or 100 gold to summon people who will join you (who can be any of the 12 classes in the game). Note that the employee fills the party slot, which means you’ll have to leave someone behind – which is fine for me because I don’t like Gale.

Having the ability to revive your fallen comrades, modify your class if it doesn’t work as you want it to, or quickly recruit any class in the game is a very useful thing to have early on, as it will help you troubleshoot difficult situations. Much greater efficiency.

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