Horrifying photos from the trenches near Pakmut. “Rasputica”

Ukrainian soldiers clash with Putin’s army near Pakmut. As British intelligence proves, they are doing better than the Russians. “People from the Donetsk region [zrekrutowani w ramach mobilizacji — red.] “Died at the front during attacks on Ukrainian troops around Pakmut,” the British Ministry of Defense said on November 25.

Ukrainian soldiers bravely face the unfavorable conditions in which they find themselves. One of the experts said that “Rasputika” visited Ukraine. This is the name of the weather, which freezes Russia and Belarus every year. When it rains, everything freezes in water. Before the war, only winter hardened the surface, freezing to sub-zero temperatures, allowing normal operation.

In the trenches, the Ukrainians are knee-deep in mud. Tired of dirty, cold and such conditions of war However, the players are bravely positioned. The dramatic situation is clearly shown in the published photographs. on Twitter.

“Front line near Bagmut [obwód doniecki — red.]. Look at the mud and water in these trenches. Being there now is absolute horror. Imagine the courage and mental strength required [żołnierzom]”Comments on disease reports.

In the pictures you can see how the water pours through the ditches. The walls of the ditches are crumbling, falling into the water and muddy. A foot in mud sinks immediately. Soldiers They are all wet.

Ukrainian official Andriy Illienko admitted in an interview with Internet television Espreso that “the invasion is being conducted ‘day and night’.” The bodies of the aggressors lie all over the fighting area. Since the time of the Soviet Union, Russians have called dead soldiers “Cargo 200” (“Ruins Two Hundred”), meaning dead bodies transported from war zones.

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Sources: Twitter, Onet, Espresso

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