Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She was going to the living room to watch TV when a big rock rolled in front of her [Wideo]

Carolyn Sasaki took a casual walk around her home in Hawaii’s Palolo Valley on Saturday night. As she walked towards the couch to sit down and watch TV a large rock appeared before her eyes. The stone rolled across the living room in front of the woman at incredible speed.

The entire incident was recorded on home surveillance. The video shows how dangerous it can be.

– I heard loud thunder. Then the rock rolled in front of me, so fast I didn’t see it. First I heard a noise, then my husband asked if he was okay,” said 65-year-old Caroline Sasaki. He said the boulder could be up to 1.5 meters in diameter.

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A large rock fell into the living room

According to the Honolulu Police Department, the rock broke off and rolled down, destroying first the cinder block fence and then the family’s car. It then burst through the glass door, breaking through the living room floor and finally another wall before entering the living room.

The woman moves slowly because of a broken leg. Perhaps the speed of her walk in this case would have saved her life.

“If the wife had taken one more step, you know what would have happened,” said the woman’s husband. The couple moved here a month ago after their previous house was demolished. Probably, they don’t know that the nearby mountain is full of rocks that can turn into a catastrophic projectile at any moment. The fact that excavations are currently taking place there does not help the situation.

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“Ever since they started it, I was afraid it was going to happen,” the woman said.

The rock had previously destroyed the volcanic fence2023 Cable News Network All rights reserved

This is not the first such case

After Saturday’s incident, Sasaki is still determined to stop working. For now, she’s thankful nothing happened to her. The woman’s family is waiting for an insurer to arrive to assess the damage. The devastating boulder is still stuck in their house.

According to local media, this is not the first such case. A few days ago, another resident of the area reported that a half-meter-sized piece of rock hit the fence of his property, but did not break it.

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