Hollywood Brown admits that he requested a trade, and that Lamar Jackson was aware of it

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson I acted surprised That crows traded a Hollywood Brown receiver last night. Jackson shouldn’t be.

Brown said I’m an athlete tonight on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that he had already requested a deal, and that Jackson already knew.

“It was just . . . my happiness,” Brown said.I spoke to Lamar about it After my second year. Then after my third year, leading up to the end of the season, you know, he wasn’t playing. I told him again, like, “Yeah, brother, I can’t do that.” You know, he’s not really on Lamar, like I love Lamar. It was just, you know, just the system just didn’t work for me personally. You know, I love all my teammates. I love young people. It was just something I had to think about for myself.”

So why was Lamar so surprised by this move, and why did Lamar seem so upset that the crows did it? Although Brown said he liked Lamar, Brown said it all when he uttered the words, “The system just didn’t work for me.”

This system is Lamar Jackson. It is built around Jackson. It does not result in receivers generating large numbers.

Rejecting the system is rejecting Jackson, whatever Brown or anyone else says.

It’s one of the reasons that crows have a hard time luring receivers through the free agency. They have to formulate them. And then they may have to trade it.

This will be the case unless and until a regime change. On the other hand, it pays to not do what others do; It puts extra pressure on the opponent’s defenses who don’t encounter this type of system on a regular basis.

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On the other hand, if what a particular team does reduces the focus on a particular offensive position, then players who play that position will eventually want to play elsewhere.

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