Highlights from day two of the Pro Tour's Murders at Karloff Manor

2024 Pro Tour season Launched in Chicago For the first professional tour of the year. The highest level of competitive play took center stage when players crossed the suspension bridge to MagicCon: Chicago and were able to watch the best matches in the world. CharmThe highest levels.

Pro tour The Karloff Manor Murders It did not disappoint. Through six rounds of the draft and 10 draft picks, Charm Tested by the best in the world, the rest of us were treated to a showcase that included a number of debut Pro Tour qualifiers that cut deep, and many of the greatest games we've enjoyed as masterful member matches Charm In front of the camera, an impressive Top 8 includes a win in Strixhaven championship.

Pardee was the first Sunday qualifier to punch his ticket after a strong 12-2 start, and he was quickly joined by the rest of the Top 8, each taking their own unique path to the Pro Tour and now having a shot at the Pro Tour Cup. Pardee's run was aided by the best deck selection of the weekend – more on that later.

Here's what went down on Day 2 of the Pro Tour The Karloff Manor Murders.

Teams spent weeks in their limited preparation before coming to Chicago and another angry few days of drafting leading up to the start of the Pro Tour on Friday; Nothing beats playing in a room of eight when you need to be prepared to take on the best players in the game.

It's hard to overstate how important the draft is to the success of the Pro Tour, both to increase individual events and to build enough points to qualify for future events. The Karloff Manor Murders The draft may account for less than half the rounds, but its impact on the tiebreaker at the start of each day looms large in a tournament with very few opportunities to gain an advantage. Each of your opponents is highly decorated Charm player before you face them, and sometimes you're sitting in front of this group of opponents for your first three rounds.

  • Willie Edel
  • Christian Calcano
  • Shuhei Nakamura
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hall of fame. Pro Tour Titles. Incredible numbers of top finishes. Welcome to the Pro Tour.

What lucky player is staring into this glove? Well, here's the evolution of the Pro Tour: That player was Alex Hayne, who had won the Pro Tour himself Avatsin was restored As part of his story Charm career – and his opponents were just as nervous (and Hine would still play well on Day 2 after going 1-2 in that draft).

There were only five undefeated players in the draft's six rounds:

  • Adam Edelson
  • James Larsen Scott
  • Tyler Haschel
  • Luis Scott Vargas
  • Marcio Carvalho

It's no surprise that almost all of these players were fighting late Saturday with their top-eight hopes alive — and Edelson will continue to turn that into an appearance on stage on Sunday.

“I'm super excited right now, and I love talking about Limited,” Edelson gushed after earning a top-eight finish. “Stay aggressive, that was the theme and everyone knew that. Aggressive decks have the advantage, and getting a strong two-drop is huge.”

Limited enthusiast would have been grinding Murders Draft regardless of whether or not he can sneak into the top 8 on the Pro Tour – he reaches Mythic status almost every month MTG Arena – Edelson knew exactly what he was looking for when he sat down for his first draft on the Pro Tour on Friday.

“A strategy that worked for me was to find the right multi-color pair. If you can do that, you can get an unfamiliar tick in your color pair very late,” he explained. “In my draft today, I got three Brilliant Gerdrake. In general, I think you want to play a two-color deck in every deck except green, and you want your green decks to be three-colored to increase your card quality and removal.”

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Before the pro tour The Karloff Manor Murders Most players agreed that the Pioneer format was mostly known, and unless a team completely broke the format and shocked us all, we pretty much knew what lineups to expect.

Well, one team broke it, or at least built the best lineup of the weekend. The Rakdos Midrange is always a popular choice, but it was a different type of Rakdos build that recorded one of the best performances of the weekend.

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