Herpes de Provence. Christmas is perfect for overeating

Herpes de Provence, as the name already suggests, came from the south of France, where it was composed and used to prepare various dishes. What can be found in the mixture? Often it is a set Rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, mint, allspice, oregano and marjoram. Sometimes, depending on the region or country, other ingredients may be added to Provençal herbs, e.g. Lavender. Regardless of the composition, such a combination of herbs emphasizes the taste of prepared dishes, but Regular use is beneficial for health. How? Bye.

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To discover the secret of how Provençal herbs work, you need to check what properties each herb has.

  • Rosemary – Its use relieves stomach pain and improves digestive processes.
  • Basil – Stimulates the stomach to work by secreting juices. It improves digestion and increases appetite.
  • Thyme – Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Useful in upper respiratory tract diseases.
  • Sage – Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps eliminate bacteria.
  • Mint – Calms the nerves and stimulates the digestive system to work properly.
  • Delicious – Works well in colds and helps in urinary tract diseases.
  • Oregano – Recommended for heartburn, indigestion and flatulence.
  • Marjoram – It has an antispasmodic effect and is useful in relieving stomach problems.
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Herpes de Provence Recommended for all French food lovers. Mixing herbs can enhance the flavor of meat, but also stews, soups and grilled dishes. You can use both items marinating, but they can be used in raw salads. Of course, then Herbs de Provence should be used by anyone who is concerned about their health. There’s nothing stopping you from using them when you’re making stuffing, cooking fish, or when the cooked food has a bland flavor. Herbes de Provence can be invaluable at breakfast: Add them to cottage cheese or eggs and the dish will taste much better.

New culinary experiences aren’t the only motivation, This should encourage the use of Provençal herbs in the kitchen. They are known to have a great effect on the digestive system, so those who often struggle with them should serve them as often as possible. It is also a must have spice if we like it Fatty and hard-to-digest foods. It is important to think about this now when we are also planning meals ChristmasThe presence of herbs accelerates digestion, and then our stomachs are more affected by overeating. Christmas Eve Party.

Herpes de Provence It is worth using as an alternative to salt, which, as we know, is harmful to our health in excess. It is beneficial to a large extent Increased cholesterol and high blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended for all those struggling with Herpes de Provence. Heart diseases.

One point is worth mentioning. To get more benefits Herbs of ProvenceIt is better to add them at the end of cooking, because too long heat treatment adversely affects both their taste and health properties.

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