Here’s the new Google Play Books logo

Following the new icons for the Play Store and Play Games, now is the time for a new logo for Google Play Books, while the tablet redesign is also being developed.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022, Google Play has got a new logo with updated colors and revised spacing. Similarly, Google Play Games for PC was launched with a new code that came to the Android app earlier this year.

The new icon keeps the triangle shape but rotates around the three dots more clearly. As with the Play Games, nothing sticks out of the triangle anymore after removing the book. Instead, you just get a bookmark to show what the app is for.

Meanwhile, a darker shade of blue is used, like the Play Games, in a refreshing step back from the Google app icons that mostly share the same color scheme.

Since the triangle element has been kept, Google will likely keep the Play Books name rather than rebrand it. There is support for audiobooks, but other than that you don’t really “play” on a book when reading.

Along with the new logo, which has not yet been published but is visible in Google Takeout Of all places, Play Books is a straightforward redesign for the tablet with its navigation drawer app. Currently, there is a wide bottom bar only on Android tablets. We don’t currently see Material You items, which are saved to the tool, in place in a path compatible with the Google TV app.

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