Here’s a look at Father of Mine, before you waste $4.99 on it

I’ve been making time over the past few days to correct the official final script for father to me. And honestly, I’ve been going back and forth between “this ain’t bad” to “this sucks ass” regularly and frequently.

It’s too late to turn the ship, since so many of you have pre-ordered it. (Thank you for that.) So in case this whole experience is going to be nothing more than a slow walk through a field full of shit, well, I guess I’ll brush my boots when I get to the other side.

For those of you who are thinking Pre-order father to me now Or buy it when it’s released on April 25th, it’s only fair to give you a glimpse of what you’ll be getting. So I posted Chapter one For your information. If that prompts you to turn the page and move on, It’s only $4.99. If not for you, find out before you waste $4.99 on something other than the stuff you normally waste $4.99 on.

Thanks for wasting your time reading this blurb. I started doodling with fantasy three years ago as a hobby, the same way I started doodling writing about soccer nearly 23 years ago as a hobby. I can either let the fruits of this latest hobby float in the cloud or I can give people who read (and hopefully enjoy) our soccer-related stuff a chance to read (and hopefully enjoy) something similar, but different.

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