Helldivers 2's next major command suffers a fatal setback, and High Command blames “transformed” bug hunters and streamers for the loss

The Helldivers 2 Main Order has tasked the community with freeing Tibit before the weekend is out, but the war effort in the western galaxy has just suffered a fatal setback and the High Command is blaming the distracted divers for the loss.

Helldivers 2 players have been able to make solid progress in their efforts to liberate the Western Theater against the Automatons, but a surprising development from Game Master Joel has players choosing between defending the planet Draupnir or quickly liberating Ubanea. However, the Helldivers were unable to mobilize in time, and have since lost access to Ubanea, which would have been the Super Earth's starting point to reach its main target: Tibit.

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