Helldivers 2 tweaked one of its most popular gimmicks because players weren’t using it as much as Arrowhead wanted

Developer Arrowhead Game Studio recently rolled out a massive patch for Helldivers 2, bringing over 100 changes, tweaks, and enhancements to everything from weapons to the Galactic War Table. But one of the game’s most iconic tricks has been changed to better fit how players use it, rather than how Arrowhead intended it to be used.

Helldivers 2’s Precision Orbital Strike is a trick that calls for – you guessed it – an orbital strike on a single location. Unlike an orbital laser, the artifact does not sweep the battlefield but simply explodes your chosen location before disappearing. The Arrowhead’s “original intent” was for players to use it in “fixed locations” — such as robot factories or insect nests — but that hasn’t stopped divers from “using it against almost anything,” according to a recent study. Blog post.

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