Helldivers 2 “looks into” the issues of progress tracking and presentation

Helldivers 2 is “experiencing a minor outage” affecting progress tracking.

Developer Arrowhead confirmed the issue on social media earlier today, announcing that the team is “looking into the issue.”

Helldivers 2 report on the trailer for DutyWatch on YouTube

“Helldivers! Our galactic war systems are experiencing a minor outage following the destruction of a long-range array on Vernen Wells,” the tweet read.

“During this time, your editing efforts may not be tracked and progress may not be displayed correctly. Our teams are looking into the issue as we speak!”

At the time of writing, Arrowhead has yet to confirm when the issue will be patched, or provide any workaround for players, and there has been no further update in the four hours since the tweet was posted.

As always, we'll update you as soon as we learn more. However, for now, expect your progress not to be tracked until the issue is fully resolved.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt recently said that the studio needs to make sure it fixes any bugs and continues to add new content in order to “stay relevant.”

Speaking on Reddit, Pilestedt said that given the “competitiveness of the industry”, the team had to make sure it did both to ensure the longevity of its fan-favorite game.

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