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Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday, September 8. Monarchini spent her last moments surrounded by her loved ones. As news of his deteriorating health spread around the world, crowds of citizens and tourists flocked outside Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth is dead. Memoirs of a Royal Chef

Among the crowd in front of the palace was chef Archie Ferguson. During his career, he had the opportunity to work for Elizabeth II. He decided not to keep the memories of this exceptional period to himself, but to share them with a wider group of recipients.

Archie Ferguson revealed details about Queen Elizabeth’s private life in an interview with the Daily Mail. He emphasized that the King was kind not only to the people he met but also to the servants while performing his royal duties. He got a chance to see it for himself.

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One of the tasks entrusted to Queen Elizabeth’s chef was to prepare food in the garden for dinner. Archie Ferguson still remembers the dishes he was entrusted to prepare to this day. He mentioned Scottish salmon and Welsh lamb.

I was invited to a garden party for the Queen, Archie Ferguson recalled in the Daily Mail, not holding back his emotions.

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