He threw the bear off the cliff. This video is absolutely horrible – o2

Climbing is a sport played with caution. Sometimes a slip or trip on the way to the top of the mountain leads to a tragedy. Those interested in this sport are usually well prepared. In terms of body and hardware. However, it is not always possible to predict everything.

A YouTuber from Japan learns about the dangers of climbing. The climber made a trip to the top of Mount Futago. He wanted to record his adventure with a camera, but he did not expect that he would be able to record such an amazing object. When everything was going according to plan, suddenly a bear came up.

The bear attacked the climber at an unexpected moment. The hunter appeared above the man’s head and pounced on him. Fortunately, the recorder kept a great deal of composure. Seeing the aggressive behavior of the bear, he immediately began to defend himself from its attacks. For this he beat and kicked the animal with his fist. The defense was effective as it was able to intimidate the attacker.

“He’s very lucky.”

Fortunately, nothing happened to the author of the post. However, a fight with a predator can have a tragic ending. The climber admitted that he knew he was trespassing on the bear’s residential zone, but in this case survival protection was necessary. The video has received a huge response. In 11 days, they were viewed more than 1.1 million times. Commentators were stunned by the reported situation.

He was very lucky to fend off the first attack – commented the netizen.

He commented that this is the most amazing video I have ever seen in my life.

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