He talked about Poland. Biden: Putin does not plan to stay in Ukraine – o2

– I firmly believe that if I allow Putin, he will go to Russia [UkrainÄ™]He will not stop, Joe Biden said in an interview with the Associated Press. On Friday, the company released a transcript of the conversation. The US president stressed that he had warned Americans from the beginning that aid to Ukraine would be expensive.

Biden: Putin has no plans to stay in Ukraine

However, allowing Russia to occupy Ukraine would be far worse for NATO and the United States in the long run than bearing the financial cost of helping the Ukrainians. If NATO countries are on the brink of this war, chaos will erupt in Europe, Biden added.

We will see that they do not stop. You have already seen what they do in Belarus. What will happen in the neighboring countries. Biden said you can see what happens in Poland, the Czech Republic and all neighboring NATO countries.

The US President recalled that one of the reasons for the invasion of Vladimir Putin was the accession of other countries in the Russian sphere of influence to NATO. Biden said Putin wanted to “make Finland” Europe, while the war in Ukraine did not prevent other countries from joining NATO.

instead of this [Putin] Biden concluded that he was responsible for Finland’s “NATO-mechanization”.

If the US and NATO were idle in the face of this invasion, what would China think of Taiwan? What decisions will North Korea make about pressuring other countries with nuclear weapons? Biden asked rhetorically.

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