He showed them that they should go to war. The Russian did not hide his anger – o2

The Russians talk louder and louder about the poor equipment of the “Second World Army” and the problems among the mobilized soldiers. Men who have to report to military commissions and then go to war do not receive basic equipment.

They go to war dressed in paintball

Social media circulated a post from the Tver region, where they are also actively mobilizing Russians. In the video, a Russian soldier about to be deployed to Ukraine shows what bulletproof vest he received from the command.

It can protect against bullets, but only with a … paintball gun. In a battle, a soldier with such a vest would not stand a chance, as it would not protect him from even simple firearms. The Russian did not hide his anger.

I have to go to war in a dress like that. And it’s not talked about much anywhere! – he says in the video.

Accumulated problems

The problems of conscripted soldiers have been mentioned many times. There were reports that men had to buy equipment at their own expense, sometimes money for military uniforms … was collected by parents of schoolchildren.

President Vladimir Putin on September 21 issued a decree on regional mobilization for war with Ukraine and threatened to “use all means”. To protect Russia from threats from the West. Approximately 300,000 men were to be placed under arms. reservists, but the mobilization may have included 1.2 million men, mostly from outside the major cities.

Last week, the BBC reported that the first Russians had already died in Ukraine. Those sent to the front without military training. The replenishment command in the Chelyabinsk region confirmed the death of five conscripts from the southern Urals.

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