He said he will not hide. Russian hockey player killed – o2

The death of the hockey player was reported by the local portal 74.ru, his mother Lyudmila.. He said he received information from the command that his 30-year-old son was buried in Sebargul and that he died on December 28. A special military operations zone (Russian propaganda calls for war in Ukraine).

Russian hockey player dies

The mother said that on October 23, the athlete received a call as part of the mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin and decided “not to hide from the army.” From the Chelyabinsk region, where the athlete lived, he was sent to the border of Ukraine.

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On December 8, he was in Rostov, after which he was sent to Ukraine with other invaders. He stayed on the territory of this country for less than a month – on December 28, Potstavkin’s division came under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as a result of which the hockey player was killed.

Played in hockey clubs

Alexander left behind two daughters as orphans and a wife. Chelyabinsk Hockey Tractor Club, where the hockey player recently played, expressed condolences to the family of the late 30-year-old through social media.

Podstavkin played for the club “Mechelle”, he played 9 matches for the club “Selmed”, played for the Smolensk club “Slavdych” and Seberkul. – He was the silver medalist of Russia in the MHL-B youth team, he had many awards, – said the hockey player’s mother.

A new wave of mobilization

According to several analysts, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) experts The change demonstrates that Vladimir Putin and his entourage are determined to prolong the war with Ukraine, and another large-scale offensive by the aggressor should be expected in the coming months.

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