He knew he would die soon. The Russian left such a message

The war leaves its mark on Ukrainians who defend themselves against aggression, but also on Russians who attack their country. Whether we like it or not, there are many who have entered the battlefield against their will, unwilling to fight among the occupiers. Like one of the soldiers who died in the recent battle of Marjinka (Donetsk Oblast).

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It is a city located on the outskirts of Donetsk and has been the subject of recent fighting Fierce fight. For the Ukrainians, Marzinga was one of the elements of the defensive line, for the Russians it was a city to be captured in order to drive the Ukrainian armed forces out of the capital of the region. The invaders directly leveled the area.

They gave the lives of their soldiers, and the attacking Russians knew it. One of them hastily left a “letter” to his loved ones. He knew he would die soon.

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The Ukrainians were preparing an ambush for the Russian forces, a certain Roman Rudakov already knew. That he would not survive the fight. He quickly wrote a few words to his loved ones on the wall of the destroyed house. The Ukrainians discovered the message and took with them the brick on which the soldier had written his last words. Hours later, his unit was killed in action.

Whoever finds me, let him take care of my mother, sister and brother. Roman Alexandrovich Rudakov, the soldier quickly wrote.

And those at the beginning of the invasion – these are the data Ukrainians – 347,160 died.

Marzinga has been at the helm since 2014. A pre-war populous city A population of more than nine thousand, it was completely destroyed. Drone footage shows most of the buildings in ruins. The Russians completely destroyed the ruins to make it difficult for the Ukrainian forces to defend themselves.

Today, Ukrainians say there is no building standing thereNo one lives in the town anymore.

The Ukrainian Union Agency reported that the Russian flag had been flying on the western outskirts of the city since mid-December.. The Ukrainian defenders had to take refuge in “the last two houses they bravely defended”. But they lost control of the city, which had been recaptured from the enemy a few weeks earlier.

Marginka became a valuable base for trips to Donetsk And the hardest point of resistance. The Russians won it at great cost, but they would soon lose it.

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