He escaped from Russia. He can’t get used to these things in Poland! – o2

Amazing shops

The first thing Vyacheslav finds difficult to get used to is non-business Sundays. The Russian admitted that in the franchise network, which is open on Sundays, he cannot make all the purchases he needs, because the selection is small and the prices – high. Meanwhile, in Russia, many stores, including sporting goods or electronics, operate 24 hours a day. Vyacheslav says that at his current job he only alternates shifts, which means he works one day and has the next day off.

If one works 6 days a week from morning to night, how can one have fun on a day off? Can’t shop and buy food all weekend. If employees have Sundays off, why shouldn’t other industries and these people work on Sundays? – he asks in his film.

Another thing a Russian can’t get used to is walking into stores with a bag on his back. In his home country, you can’t walk into a grocery store with a backpack or purse. This is not an official law, but is practiced in stores. Each customer must place a bag or handbag in the lockers at the store entrance. This custom was introduced to avoid theft. Worse, if we ignore this unwritten rule, the security guard may search our bag or purse when we leave the store.

In Poland, when I enter a backpack store, I am constantly afraid that a security guard will come up to me and ask questions – Vyacheslav admits.

Another surprise is the so-called good police … and here is not after the Russian “good and bad police” trick. According to Vyacheslav, any man in Russia can be detained by the police. The uniforms do a search and if you don’t have a passport, you can be detained for 48 hours!

For this reason men in Russia cross the street when they see policemen. It is a habit that is taught from childhood and stays with you throughout your life. And I have this habit. I was shocked when the police in Poland walked past me and didn’t ask any questions, Vyacheslav reports.

Public transport is not so obvious

Ticket machines were also a novelty for the Russians. In his country, tickets are sold by the driver on any mode of transport – both trams and buses. Due to the method of buying tickets, Vyacheslav faced an unpleasant situation – his phone network had problems with the Internet connection, so he could not buy tickets using the application. Additionally, as a Russian, he does not have an ATM card and can only pay in cash. Meanwhile, not every ticket machine accepts this type of payment. Vyacheslav asked the tram driver if he could buy a ticket, but he refused. Another surprise for Russians is that you have to open the door yourself on public transport.

What else surprised Vyacheslav? You will find out in the video below:

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Viacheslav Zarutskii is 29 years old and has been teaching children all over the world for 7 years. He is an English, Robotics and Swimming teacher. He has already lived among others in Ukraine, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Along with the picture he released, he mentioned that these are the things that surprised him in our country and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it.

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