He entered Putin’s daughter’s villa. He invites Ukrainian refugees to his property

Posts from France were spread on social media. Activist Pierre Afner was about to enter a villa owned by Vladimir Putin’s daughter in Piarritz. Afnar appeared on the terrace with the Ukrainian flag, and invited the Ukrainian refugees to the property.

In France, Piarritz’s famous resort located in New Aquitaine on the Atlantic Ocean, includes the garden of Vladimir Putin’s daughter Yokaterina Dikonova.

According to “The Insider”, French activist Pierre Afner entered the property. Alta Mirin changed the locks on the villa’s doors and announced that the house was ready to receive Ukrainian refugees. The “seizure” of property took place in the third week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Afner was about to go to the villa with another man, with whom they planned an extraordinary act. After visiting Dikonova’s house, the Frenchman said the villa had eight bedrooms and three bathrooms. Henceforth, the property will serve Ukrainian refugees Afner announced.

Records show a man with a large Ukrainian flag on the terrace of a villa in Piarritz. The flag was hung outside the building.

Afrin Villa was about to find some interesting documents, including a copy of the passport of Vladimir Putin’s ex – son – in – law Grill Shamalo.

Dikonova is the ex-wife of Shamalou, a businessman and Putin’s good friend. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, Shamalov was subject to Western sanctions.

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Information that Dikonova and Shamalo were married came out in 2015. The Reuters agency wrote with intense optimism about a wedding near St. Petersburg. However the relationship did not last long.

In 2016, Shamalov, 34, was listed by Forbes as Russia’s youngest billionaire. It ranks 64th with a net worth of $ 1.2 billion.

Dikonova runs the InnoPractica Foundation and is the Vice President of the World Acrobatic Rock and Roll Federation.

Grill Shamalov, son of Putin’s friend, and Rosia Nikolai Shamalov, co – owner of the bank.

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