He came out of prison and died. Wrongly accused, he served almost 30 years – o2

According to the Daily Mirror, the murders allegedly committed by Claude Garrett took place in 1993. His then-partner, Lori Lee Lance, died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a fire in the living room of the couple’s home in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

He was unjustly punished. He spent almost 30 years in prison

Claude Garrett testified that he woke up and saw the fire. He immediately woke up his partner and urged him to leave the house as soon as possible. Although he insisted on going through the main door, Lance made a back entrance.

It was Claude Garrett who called the fire department. On arrival, he repeated that he did not understand why his companion had gone the other way. Her body was found in the utility room.

“I don’t understand why she didn’t come with me,” Garrett repeated to the firefighters in shock.

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According to the results of the investigation, the fire was not the result of an accident, but a deliberate fire. The master of the house is responsible for them. The police concluded that Garrett planned everything to kill his accomplice. During a trial, the jury declared the accused guilty.

Claude Garrett did not enjoy his freedom for long and died five months after leaving prison. His friend, journalist Liliana Segura, 65, insisted that the man had many plans for a “new life”. He intends, among other things, to seek compensation for the years he spent behind bars.

Claude had plans. He wanted the government to take responsibility for his wrongful conviction. He demanded compensation. As Liliana Segura lamented as quoted by the Daily Star, I cannot understand why those most responsible for “stealing” so much of her life will never have to answer for what they did to her.

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