He bought a car from a star for PLN 1 million. Then he was very surprised

Let's remember that at the end of September 2023, there was a lot of news about a football player's road accident. Manchester United Marcus Rashford. On the way home, the England representative crashed a British Rolls-Royce worth 700,000 pounds (PLN 3.5 million).

A 26-year-old was hit by another car due to road conditions. These were difficult due to darkness and heavy rain. Although the car was totaled, the competitor and the passenger were not involved in the accident and did not go to the hospital.

The Manchester United player has put his Rolls Royce up for sale. The bid for the England representative attracted great interest. Eventually, the car was bought by a YouTuber, but, unsurprisingly… the car was damaged.

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YouTuber Matt Armstrong, who has 2.55 million subscribers, bought the vehicle for PLN 185,000. pounds. But he admitted he was shocked at how bad the damage was to the car, describing it as “disintegrated”.

Although the photos posted in the online auction clearly indicatedThe auction house said the car was badly damaged and could be started.

After trying for several hours, the car was able to startIt is in a very pathetic condition.

Also, Armstrong's words indicate the sameRashford only drove 1,500 kilometers so he didn't get to enjoy the vehicle for long.

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