Hayden Panettiere says friends and family are desperately trying to defend their way of life in Ukraine

Hayden Panettiere She uses her voice to speak up to support those dear to her.

sharing Video for her organization Hublon InternationalOn the YouTube page, the 32-year-old Nashville Allum spoke of the ongoing war on Ukraine sparked by the Russian invasion last month. Panettiere appealed to everyone for their support during this difficult time and spoke of her efforts to raise the necessary funding for medical supplies and protective equipment for those fighting for their lives on the front lines in Ukraine.

“There are no words to describe what it was like watching the war on Ukraine unfold,” she began. “It hurts to know that the people of Ukraine and the people I call my friends and family are trying very hard to defend their way of life and the country they love.”

Panettiere continued, “I set up Hoplon International to bring relief and aid directly to the Ukrainians on the front lines. I cannot continue to sit on the sidelines just watching this disaster rage.”

Before concluding her letter, Panettiere advised everyone not to “sit idly by” as the invasion continued. “Help me by donating any amount possible,” she added. “Together, we can make a difference in their fight.”

Hayden Panettiere

Hublon International / YouTube

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Panettiere shares her 7-year-old daughter, kayawith her former professional boxer Vladimir Klitschko. Not only does she hail from Ukraine, but her brother, a retired athlete, Vitali Klitschko, is the mayor of the country’s capital, Kyiv.

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In his video message, which was also shared on the organization’s YouTube page, Vladimir said, “Hi, I’m Vladimir Klitschko from Kyiv, Ukraine. Please support Hublon International Foundation to stop Russian aggression and end the war in Ukraine. Thank you.”

Panettiere recently confirmed that his daughter Kaya “is safe and not in Ukraine” amid the ongoing war. A statement was made by someone’s mother in response to a fan who expressed concern about Instagram shareWhere the actress showed her support for the Ukrainian people.

“I personally witnessed the strength of the Ukrainian people who fought hard for their independence and continued to zealously defend their country over the years. What [Russian President Vladimir] What Putin is doing is an absolute disgrace,” Panettiere wrote at the time.

“This horrific moment in history sends a terrifying message: the message that in this day and age, in 2022, it is acceptable to violate the rights of free people and to allow dictators like Putin to take what they like,” she continued. “I am praying for my family and friends there and everyone who is fighting. I hope you get more support and I wish I was there fighting with you! For now, I am asking those who cannot stand on their shoulders to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and show your support for democracy.”

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Panettiere urged her fans to follow her ex-husband, Vladimir, and brother Vitaly, on Instagram for relevant updates.

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Days later, it was Champions alum chirp To support the charitable work of the Klitschko brothers, Klitschko Foundation. “Please help #Ukraine by donating what you can,” she wrote, adding that the foundation’s website “contains a list of organizations that well target the most pressing needs of the Ukrainian people.”

Russia attack on ukraine It continued after their forces launched a large-scale invasion on February 24 – the first major land conflict in Europe in decades.

The details of the fighting change day by day, but hundreds of civilians have changed Dead or injured have already been reportedIncluding children. The United Nations said more than a million Ukrainians have also fled.

The invasion was ordered by the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putinhas sparked worldwide condemnation and Increasingly severe economic sanctions against Russia. With NATO forces massing in the region around Ukraine, various countries also pledged military assistance or support to the resistance. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He called for peace talks – so far unsuccessful – while urging his country to respond.

Putin insisted that Ukraine had historical relations with Russia and that he was acting in his country’s best security interests. Meanwhile, Zelensky vowed not to bend. “No one will break us, we are strong, we are Ukrainians,” He told the European Union In a speech in the early days of the fighting, he added: “Life overcomes death. Light triumphs over darkness.”

The Russian attack on Ukraine is an evolving story, with information changing rapidly. Follow People’s full coverage of the war is hereincluding stories from citizens on the ground and ways to help.

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