‘Hawk Girl’ Hailey Welch Finds Acting

Hailey Welch, who recently gained massive fame on TikTok as “The Hawk Tuah Girl,” has signed a representation contract with management company Penthouse.

“The world has gone crazy for Haley! I’m thrilled that our team is able to help guide this spaceship,” Penthouse founder Jonny Foster said in a statement. “All the podcasters are right, spend five minutes with her and you’ll see why she’s America’s sweetheart.”

Welch’s immediate prospects include looking to launch her own social media channels after gaining internet fame with a porn video following a street interview with Team and DTV. “Please don’t wake me up,” Welch said in her statement. “Two weeks ago it was just me and my grandma in little Belfast, Tennessee. Then I said something stupid and now my life has changed. Isn’t God great?! I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

She’s made the podcast rounds since she became famous, including on Barstool Sport. Berri’s plan Earlier this week, Welch sat down for an official interview with Nashville entertainment attorney Christian Parker of Christian Parker & Co.

“Haley is known for her hilarious sense of humor and is known to her friends as the girly Theo Vaughn,” Parker said in a statement. “But after getting to know her on a larger scale, I believe her small-town folk story and how a chance encounter on Broadway led her to this unexpected path to stardom will resonate with millions of people. We are proud to represent her on this journey.”

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