Harry’s solo coronation trip will backfire: Meghan’s ex-boyfriend


April 21, 2023 | 7:38 a.m

Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend has issued a stark warning to Prince Harry ahead of his solo trip to his father’s coronation next month.

TV presenter Lizzie Condie, who befriended the Duchess of Sussex in 2013, believes Harry’s brief return home will “backfire” on him.

Condé said the exiled monarch’s appearance at King Charles’ gala on May 6 would be “fleeting” when he attended without his wife, Meghan Markle.

“Prince Harry comes to coronations and dips his toe in and out, he’ll have a hard job walking away with pride, he’ll be on one leg and his other foot will be in his mouth,” said the mirror.

“He only comes to the coronation for a fleeting moment so he can write in his next book or say in his next interview with Meghan, how badly everyone has been treating him and how his father didn’t want him to. He did this to himself.”

Condé, who no longer flaunts his friendship with Markle, said it was “nice” of the monarch to invite the couple “despite all the interviews they’ve given and the wreckage of the royal family at the coronation.”

Prince Harry will take a solo trip to mark his father’s coronation next month.
Getty Images
Meghan Markle will stay in California with the pair’s two children, Archie and Lilibet.
Alexi Lubomirski, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

“They took so long to respond to it and now use the nasty excuse that Meghan can’t go because of Archie’s birthday, but Harry is still coming despite him destroying the royal family and everything he stands for,” she said, adding, “This will backfires disastrously.” awesome “.

“Harry, this is not about you,” the high-profile British socialite continued. “This is about your father, his coronation – the most important and historic day, many of us will never see a coronation in our lives.”

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Condi recently Markle criticized as “selfish” for leaving her to attend her father-in-law’s coronation.

TV presenter Lizzie Conde struck up an ill-fated friendship with the Duchess of Sussex in 2013.
Lizikondi / Instagram
King Charles and Queen Camilla are due to be crowned on May 6.
Getty Images

“I think Meghan won’t come to the coronation because she knows she’s going to get booed but she puts her own feelings and anxieties about being booed in front of her kids,” Condi, 54, said. he told the Daily Mirror.

“I think it’s a farce that Lilibet and Archie won’t be at their grandfather’s coronation,” she said.

Last month, Condi GB News said that she “actually connected” with Markle after the duo met at a charity dinner in 2013, before their short-lived friendship finally fell apart.

“I’ve been friends with Megan for a while and I really connected with her,” she recalls. “A friend asked me to take care of her at a charity event and I thought, ‘Who is this woman?'” Nobody knows who she really is.

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