Harrison Ford says he has no plans to retire at 80

Who is talking to Chris Wallace? / HBO

Harrison Ford

Yes, I’m 80…

But don’t retire!!!

Harrison Ford He may be 80, but the guy isn’t ready for his hang in Hollywood just yet…in fact, it looks like he’s going to keep acting for as long as he can.

The legendary actor was cutting it Chris Wallace On an upcoming episode of his show, the CW asked him directly…any thoughts on retirement??? Obviously the question is being asked because of Harrison’s age – but check out his initial reaction…he’s sarcastic!

“You can’t play the hero. You have to play your audience.”

Actor Harrison Ford insists he does not play “heroes” in his films https://t.co/dFMKo54G9H pic.twitter.com/CVnZwVOcOk

– CNN (CNN) June 24, 2023

HF follows this up with an interesting point – that he says he doesn’t do well without something to do, like professional work on a film/TV set. He says it’s because he likes to feel useful. Not only that, but he seems to get the thrill… of being informative and informative. He seems to be saying…as long as he can do it, he’ll keep going.

Harrison also explains what he loves about productions in general — and for him, it’s the feeling of bringing something to life, with everyone having a common purpose. On top of that, he says he never actually planned out how he would interact with the viewer…

There’s another clip from this interview that’s also making the rounds – and it’s all about Harrison insisting on how he’s not playing “heroes”… but, more than that, ordinary people doing heroic things. Interesting to hear him talk about it…he’s so excited.

FWIW, he’s actually about to play a superhero in some upcoming Marvel projects… The dude has been cast to portray Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, who eventually becomes the Red Hulk.

Anyway… expect to see Harrison in a lot of things for years to come. It seems like he’s playing the game until he can’t do it anymore – and the guy still gets it, even now!

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