Hamas attack on Israel. The most important events of the last hour

The radical Palestinian group Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Saturday morning. Hundreds of lives have already been lost and thousands injured. Here’s a summary of the most important events of the past few hours.

> The military command of the radical Palestinian group Hamas announced a new military operation against Israel on Saturday morning. It also called on armed groups in Lebanon to join the struggle.

> An Israeli army spokesman announced that Palestinian forces had infiltrated Israeli territory by sea, land and air using paragliders. 2,500 rounds were reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel. Rockets.

> According to local Israeli media, the death toll from Hamas attacks on Israel has risen to 300. At least 1,590 people were injured. Of the 1,590 injured, 19 are in critical condition, 293 are in critical condition, 315 are in moderate condition and 715 are in mild condition, according to Israel’s Health Ministry. 181 people are yet to be evaluated by doctors.

> Reuters reports that Hamas terrorists are holding about 50 Israeli hostages in Kibbutz Biri in the south of the country. On Sunday night, Israeli troops managed to recapture them. Fighting continues between Hamas militants and Israeli forces in the area.

> “I am appalled by today’s heinous attacks by Hamas on Israel. The rocket attacks and hostage-taking of civilians arouse our deep opposition. Poland strongly condemns all acts of violence. I wish to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to all victims of the attacks,” President Andrzej Duda on X site (formerly Twitter). wrote

> Many airlines are canceling flights to and from Israel due to security concerns. The decision to cancel flights was made by, among others: PLL LOT, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines – Times of Israel. Some airlines, e.g. WizzAir diverts flights to Israel

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> German expert on Eastern Europe, Sergej Chamleny, has said that Russia is behind the Hamas attacks on Israel. The researcher grew up in Russia and worked as director of the Heinrich Boel Foundation in Ukraine. “None of Hamas’ allies, other than Russia, have experience using drones to launch bombs against tanks,” Shamleny said.

> During a press conference, US President Joe Biden warned that the United States will always support Israel and that no enemy of Israel should take advantage of Hamas’ attack. “We will always stand behind them,” Biden said of Israel at the White House. “We will ensure that their citizens get the help they need so they can continue to fend for themselves,” he added. “This is not the time for any force hostile to Israel to use these attacks,” he said. – The world is watching – he added.

Joe Biden on Hamas Terror Attack on IsraelJoe Biden on Hamas Terror Attack on IsraelTVN24

> “We are beginning a long and difficult war. The war was imposed on us by the murderous attack of Hamas,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on the X website Saturday night into Sunday.

“The first phase ends this hour with the destruction of most of the enemy forces that have penetrated our territory. At the same time, we have launched an offensive formation that will continue without hesitation and without rest – until the objectives are achieved. We will restore security to the citizens of Israel, and we will win,” he added. said.

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> On Saturday evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which we read: “The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Israel has been in constant contact with Polish citizens staying there since the beginning of the crisis. The situation is difficult and extreme. There are no border crossings with Jordan. It has introduced the highest level of alert and advises against any travel to the country.

Main photo source: Mohammad Saber/EPA/PAB

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