Gwyneth Paltrow criticizes the superhero movie genre for its lack of originality

Ghouinith baltrow

Cool it down on superhero movies

…losing their originality

Ghouinith baltrowReminiscing about her glory days… she says they don't make movies like they used to anymore – and criticizes superhero movies for saturating the market, despite her involvement in many of them.

The Marvel star went on “Hot Ones” on Thursday when he was the host Sean Evans He asked her about the “American Fiction” writer/director's comment. Cord Jefferson Made at the Oscars… basically, he's begging Hollywood to invest in smaller independent projects like his.

Well, JB seems to agree… saying she feels like studios are putting more of their resources into big-budget superhero movies these days — and suggests business is suffering because of it.

Watch the video for yourself… Gwyneth kind of criticizes the superhero genre for its lack of originality – while adding that it's impossible to cater to as many people as studios try while still being unique and full of substance.

Of course, Paltrow knows a thing or two about superhero movies… she's appeared as Pepper Potts – Tony Stark/Iron Man's love interest in seven Marvel movies – so, she's been around in the superhero pantheon, which is why she says it's surprising very.

However, everyone knows that Paltrow got her start on small-budget projects like “Se7en” and “Shakespeare in Love” — for which she won an Oscar — and she says that art reaches a higher form when it comes to less money. …because real artists are allowed to take risks.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Nolan burst out laughing at John Mulaney's joke about Marvel.

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Gwyneth is one of the many people who looks exhausted in every superhero movie… Paul Dano, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Aniston, Francis Ford Coppola Others have spoken out against this type in recent years – with John Mulaney Cracking jokes about it at the Oscars.

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Bigger than all those stars, though…it seems audiences are tired of superhero movies too. Just look at the box office for “Madame Web” and “The Marvels” over the past six months or so.

You know something's wrong when you lose one of your family members, like Gwyneth here… It's time to rethink the formula!

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