Guinness Records. Bobby, the world’s oldest dog, has died. He is 31 years old

The world’s oldest dog, Bobby, has died at the age of 31, Karen Becker, a veterinarian who has been trying to figure out the dog’s longevity in the past, announced on social media. A farewell entry was published by the Guinness Book of Records team, in which the record-holding dog entered in February this year.

Veterinarian Karen Becker first reported Bobby’s death on Sunday. “This good dog got wings yesterday evening,” she wrote under a photo of the dog she shared on Facebook. “Even if (Bobby) outlived all other dogs in the world, the 11,478 days he spent in the world would not be enough for those who loved him,” the woman added.

Bobby also got a farewell on the Guinness Book of Records website. As recalled, the dog entered the book on February 2 this year. He was later named the world’s oldest dog, as well as the world’s oldest dog.

Bobby, the world’s oldest dog, has died

Bobby was born on May 11, 1992. He lived with his owner Lionel Costa and his family in the town of Conqueros in central Portugal. He is a Portuguese guard dog. The average lifespan of representatives of this breed is 12-14 years.

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Bobby is the oldest dog in the world Abaka/PAB

Bobby celebrated his 31st birthday in May. Over a hundred guests attended the function organized by its owner. Among them were many scientists. Their stay is to help determine the reasons for the dog’s longevity. According to one of them, veterinarian Karen Becker, Bobby’s quality and varied diet may have made him so mature.

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According to veterinarian and researcher Peter Tobias, the secret to a dog’s longevity may lie in a combination of factors. – Bobby lives in the countryside, walks without a chain, has a relatively stress-free environment, regular food and loving carers – Tobias said in May. – A genetic factor also contributes to the extraordinary longevity of a dog – the scientist added. His words seem to confirm the age of Popi Kira’s mother, who lived to be 18 years old.

The previous record for longevity was held by an Australian shepherd, Bluey, who lived to 29 years and five months.

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Main photo source: Abaka/PAB

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