GTA 6 release may be delayed to 2026 as development said to be 'delayed'

GTA 6's development is said to be long overdue, and the eagerly awaited game may miss its 2025 release window.

Anonymous sources said Kotaku This development on GTA 6 has been “delayed”, which is the alleged reason why management is asking developers to return to the office full time because leadership is concerned that the game may be delayed to 2026.

Grand theft auto 6 trailer 1

Grand theft auto 6 trailer 1

For now, it appears that Rockstar is still “aiming” for a spring (Q2) 2025 release, although the same sources indicate that a fall (Q3) release seems more realistic.

Delaying the game until 2026 is also a “backup plan” or “emergency” option.

Rockstar has not yet responded to Kotaku's request for comment.

At the beginning of this month, Rockstar Games developers criticized the company for telling employees that they must return to their offices full-time next month, and described the leadership's decision as “reckless.”

Employees at Rockstar have been asked to return to their offices five days a week. Studio management cited security and productivity as reasons for this upcoming change, which will take effect in April.

Since this announcement, the Independent Trade Union of Great Britain (IWGB) criticized Rockstar for its plans to withdraw remote work provisions for a “majority” of its employees, noting that the studio said any exceptions to the new rules would be “rare.”

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