Gramadorsk. Russian attack on train station death toll rises World News

Authorities in Ukraine say the death toll from last Friday’s attack on local authorities has risen to 57. Earlier, 52 people were reported dead, but dozens more were injured, some in critical condition.

War in Ukraine. The death toll from a shelling at a train station in Gramadorsk has risen

As many as 109 people have been affected – the lightly injured have been released from hospitals to their homes, while patients with serious injuries have been evacuated to safer places and all necessary assistance is being provided to them – the chief executive said. Donetsk region.

Austrian President Carl Neymar meets Putin in Moscow

Pavlo Girilenko also said that the investigation into the shelling of the station was over. Ukrainians blame Russian forces for the attack, which was aimed at launching Tochka-Yu missile-armed cluster missiles from the occupied territories of the Luhansk region. About four thousand people, mainly women, children and the elderly – the general public – were waiting to evacuate the train station in Gramadorsk.

The Russians say it was not their missiles that fell on Gramadorsk, and the Ukrainians accuse them of firing. Attorney In an interview with British television channel Sky News on Saturday, the Ukrainian general assured Ukrainians that he had proof that it was a Russian weapon. – In all parts of Ukraine we saw on the ground war crimes, crimes against humanity – said Irina Venedikova.

War in Ukraine.  Ukraine's attorney general Irina Venedikova (center) in Buxa.  The photo shows the bodies of civilians killed during the Russian occupation of the city.  Picture taken on April 8, 2022.1222 of the Russian troops were killed. Only near Kiev

Ukraine. Authorities have called on people living in the eastern districts to evacuate

Ukrainian authorities expect an attack Russia Invite residents in the east of the country and those areas to evacuate. On Sunday, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Versuk renewed her request. – Sorry for leaving your house, land and farm – This is not an argument. Argument is your life and health. I understand that the tragedy in Gramadorsk frightened many. But the enemy believes it – he wants you to be afraid, you have to live in fear, she said not to leave. On Saturday, 2,824 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

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