Goran Dragic signs with Nets: Veteran goalkeeper will seek title in Brooklyn after takeover from Tottenham, says report

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Goran Dragic sign with Brooklyn Networks Now that he has secured a purchase deal from San Antonio Spursaccording to Shams Al Shaaraniya Athlete. Dragic started the season with Toronto Raptors After being dumped away from his tall home in Miami in Kyle Lowry Agreement, but it became clear early on that the two sides were not interested in a long-term partnership. Dragic played only five matches as a Raptor before leaving the team for personal reasons. He was given to San Antonio on February 10 (the day of the trade deadline), but the rebuilding of Spurs did not need his services. Now he will join the rival he so desperately needs.

He’s come into the net this season with more ball handling than they knew what to do with it. A combination of James HardenAnd the Keri Irving And the patty mills It leaves little room for the number one attacking guard, but Irving is eligible to play in only half of Brooklyn’s games due to the mandate of the COVID vaccine in New York City and Harden was recently distributed to Philadelphia 76ers. Ben Simmons He’s back in that deal, and he’s a ball player, but not one suited to creating a half-court shot in a post-season setup.

At Dragic, the Nets gave themselves an insurance policy against Irving’s absence and Simmons’ problems after the season. Just two seasons ago, Dragic averaged over 19 points per game in assisting a team the heat Reach the NBA Finals. He’s now 35 and probably can’t play in the tricky minutes, but he was still a solid secondary shooter for the Heat before a season. With Kevin Durant in place, that’s all he’ll need to be for the Nets.

It’s possible that Brooklyn appealed to Dragic for two reasons. The chance to compete for the title must have played into his decision. Dragic played in the finals, but did not win any championships. But as a free agent for 2022, Dragic now has a chance to boost his value and land one last big contract. No other competitor could deliver the minutes and touches that Brooklyn could provide due to Irving’s unique circumstances. Half the time, Dragic could be a starting point guard for Brooklyn.

Even if he didn’t, Dragic was one of the most wanted players in the history of the acquisition market. He could have joined practically any contender. He picked the nets, and that indicates they plan to make him a big part of their tournaments this spring.

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