Google TV streams the best solar eclipse spots for free

The great solar eclipse of 2024 is quickly becoming a massive event, with millions likely traveling to the best viewing locations. However, even if you don't plan to travel, Google TV offers a way to watch the total solar eclipse from the best locations for free.

Google TV has become one of the most powerful TV operating systems on the market. It took a lot of cues from its little brother, Android TV, and ran with them. In its current form, Google TV provides the ability to watch live broadcasts from a native section of the operating system without the need for an additional application. Of course, if you have YouTube TV or other streaming apps, those will appear in the Live tab as well, enhancing app integration and making the OS what it is.

Google announced today that Google TV will provide coverage of the 2024 solar eclipse in North America. According to Google, this live stream will be available on Google TV for free on April 8. The idea is to provide access to many different channels showing different phases of the solar eclipse. This is done by displaying live broadcasts from different cities along the total strip across the United States.

Here are some of the channels that Google TV will provide access to:

Each channel will be available in the For You tab Google TV. They will have custom cards that link together, so users can navigate between highlighted points as the moon's shadow makes its way across the area.

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