Google Docs now allows you to add emoji reactions to comments

Last year, Google Docs on the web added emoji reactions, and Now they are coming to the comments, which is an equally useful addition.

Right now, highlighting text lets you “add comment,” “suggest edits,” or “add emoji feedback.”

This new feature will allow you to leave emojis on Google Docs comments by clicking the new button in the lower right corner of the window for a full picker. If someone has already left an emoji, you can quickly tap on it to add your own emoji to the count.

This small addition that “increases collaboration by enabling you to quickly and creatively express your opinions about document content” will be rolling out over the coming weeks on the web.

Another little feature new this week is the ability to replace an image in Google Slides using drag and drop. Previously, you had to use the menu toolbar or right-click.

The YouTube Smart Canvas is now too at To Google Sheets: “This feature allows you to add YouTube data, such as a title, description, and video preview, directly to a spreadsheet cell. Simply copy and paste the YouTube link into the cell, hover your mouse over it, and click the “chip” option included in the card. hovercard “Replace URL”.

Single cell now also supports multiple smart slices entered via @-menu.

Finally, in Meet, Google is adding the ability to Watch live broadcasts in 1080p. Increasing from 720p, Google will automatically revert to the best possible quality. in addition to:

You can already Share a file in a Google Meet chat when using Meet in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. With this launch, you can easily attach that file to an associated Google Calendar event, allowing meeting attendees to access the file more easily.

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