Google Chrome gains AI features including a writing assistant, theme builder, and tab organizer

Google's Chrome web browser is getting AI technology in the latest version. The company announced today that it will soon add three new AI-powered features to Chrome for Mac and Windows, including a way to intelligently organize your tabs, customize your theme, and get help when writing stuff on the web — like forum posts, online reviews, And more.

The latter is similar to a feature already available for Google's experimental AI search experience, SGE (Generative Search Experience), which allows users to get help crafting things like emails in different colors, such as more formal or informal, or of different lengths.

Using Chrome's built-in writing assistant, Google suggests users can write business reviews, “craft a friendly response to an invitation to a party,” or make a more formal inquiry about a vacation rental, among other things, including writing reviews for places Public, such as online forum sites.

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The still-beta feature will be accessed in next month's Chrome release by right-clicking on a text box or field on the web and then choosing Help Me Type. To get started, you first have to type a few words and then Google's AI will step in to help.

In addition to the writing assistant, AI can also be used to help organize your tab groups and customize your browser.

Chrome's tab groups feature allows users who keep many tabs open to manage them by organizing them into groups. However, organizing them can be a manual process, the company explains. With the new tab organizer, Chrome will automatically suggest and create groups based on the tabs you already have open. This feature will be available by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “Organize Similar Tabs”. Chrome will also suggest names and emojis for the tab groups it creates to make them easier to find. This feature is intended to help when users are shopping online, researching, planning trips, or doing other tasks that tend to leave a lot of tabs open.

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The final addition reflects the new AI wallpaper experience that recently arrived on Android 14 and Pixel devices. Now, Google will use the same text-to-image publishing model to allow users to create custom themes for their Chrome browser. This feature allows you to create these themes based on theme, mood, visual style and color by selecting the new “Create with AI” option after opening the “Customize Chrome” side panel and clicking “Change Theme”. Previously, Chrome offered a variety of colorful and simple themes to choose from along with the ones you wanted Artistsbut this feature will allow users to expand beyond the built-in selections to create a theme that better matches their current vibe.

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Although the busy theme may be distracting, the feature at least allows users without an Android phone to experience Google's generative AI for customization, even if they end up reverting to a more basic theme for everyday use.

Although the drafting feature won't arrive until next month's Chrome release, Google says other features, like a tab organizer and AI theme builder, will roll out over the next few days in the US on both Mac and Windows with existing Chrome. Release (M121). To access these features, you need to sign in to Chrome, select Settings from the three-dot menu, and then go to the Experimental AI page. Since the features are experimental, they will not ship to enterprise and educational customers at this time, the company notes.

The features join other AI-powered machine learning (ML) tools already available in Chrome, such as its ability to Audio and video captioning-Protect users from malicious websites via Android Safe Browsing feature in Chrome, He demands permission to remain silentand summarizing web pages via “SGE while browsing” feature..

Google says Chrome will be updated with more AI and machine learning features next year, including through integrations with its new AI model, Gemini, which will be used to help make web browsing easier.

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