Golazo 100 countdown: Ranking of the best men’s footballers in the world for 2024

For most of the last decade and beyond, a practice like this seemed completely redundant. There has never really been anything up for debate when it comes to the question of who is the greatest footballer on the planet. What a waste of hours and spreadsheets it would be to provide you with all of that Lionel Messi He is the best in the business.

But the sport is now going through a transition. The great man and his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo They began their projects in the post-Empire era, spreading the game to far-flung football regions. Those who were cursed with the pursuit of greatness in the Messi era now find their lights dimmed as well. As for those who follow them, how could anyone hope to reach such a high level?

And welcome to the Golazo 100, a ranking of the best players in the men’s game, with a similar list for women to follow ahead of the Olympics. Each expert is given a clear mission: give us your best.

What we got was a very noticeable spread. From their individual rosters of 100 players came eight different players who were named the best in the game.

Over the coming days, we’ll be unveiling the best of the best, starting on Wednesday with our top 20 names. There will be plenty of surprises and plenty to discuss on June 12, when we’ll name the first winner of the Golazo 100.

Golazo 100 table

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  • Wednesday, June 5: 100-81
  • Thursday 6 June: 80-61
  • Friday, June 7: 60-41
  • Saturday 8 June: Top Americans to Watch in 2025
  • Sunday 9 June: Top 40 look ahead
  • Monday 10 June: 40-21
  • Tuesday 11 June: 20-11
  • Wednesday 12 June: 10-1

Not surprisingly, many players have compelling nominations. There’s not a lot of spoiler alerts required to find out who might be there or nearby when we unveil the Top 20 on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. It took nearly 18 months for anyone to beat it Rhodri In a football match. Vinicius Junior It has just been delivered to real madrid In the biggest game in football, once again. Harry Kane, Erling Haaland Kylian Mbappe continues to be the top scorer on the continent.

None of these offer an ironclad candidacy for being the best of all time. Does it matter that all of Kane’s many goals have yet to contribute to the club’s title win? Can the greatest player in the game play the bulk of his football in a league whose competitive balance has been weakened by his employers? Owns Vinicius And Jude Bellingham Spent enough time near the top to make the final move? Is it after a year? the year An appropriate moment to pay tribute Manchester City Rodri or Haaland or Kevin De Bruyne?

For some of our team members, these questions will be more compelling. All of those mentioned above – and quite a few others who will sit in the top 20 – provided moments of transcendent brilliance last season and beyond. It’s just that the guy before them was doing it all the time.

In a way that only Pele and Diego Maradona had done before, Messi changed the standards of greatness in football. None of the greats at the top of the sport have a season to compare to 73 goals and 32 assists in 60 games. None of them has eight Ballon d’Ors, 12 domestic titles, a World Cup won by force of will, and the 2023 League Cup. No one will be able to match Messi.

This is where the fun lies. There are no locks anymore. When we repeat this exercise in a year’s time, the collective brilliance of Mbappe, Vinicius and Bellingham may have scuppered their case for individual greatness. Kevin Durant era Golden State Warriors. Age may have caught up with Kane and De Bruyne. Bukayo Saka, Florian Wirtz, Rafael Liao:All of these and many more may take the last great leap. For the first time in a generation, the title of world’s best is up for grabs.

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From the outside looking in:

  • 110. Iñaki Williams, striker, Athletic Bilbao
  • 109. Romelu Lukakuforward as Rome (Loan from Chelsea)
  • 108.Jules Kounde, defender Barcelona
  • 107. Leandro Trossardstraight ahead, Arsenal
  • 106. Eder Militao, defender, Real Madrid
  • 105. Warren Zaire Emery – midfielder – Paris Saint-Germain
  • 104. Julian BrandtMidfielder, Borussia Dortmund
  • 103. Lucas Paqueta is a West Ham midfielder
  • 102. Christian Romerodefender, Tottenham Hotspur
  • 101. Gregor Koppel-Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper

Golazo 100 list for men

100 R Araujo Barcelona La Liga
99 Wow Chiesa Juventus Italian League A
98 T cupminers Atalanta Italian League A
97 Dr.. Zooboszlai Liverpool Premier League
96 a. Gordon Newcastle Premier League
95 n. Williams Sports Club La Liga
94 A. Murata Atletico Madrid La Liga
93 Vitinha Paris Saint-Germain French League 1
92 Rafinha Barcelona La Liga
91 a. Lookman Atalanta Italian League A
90 Joao Cancelo Barcelona La Liga
89 Neymar Son Crescent moon Saudi Professional League
88 Dr.. Vlahovic Juventus Italian League A
87 M. Noir Bayern Munich Bundesliga
86 K. Benzema the Union Saudi Professional League
85 El opinda RB Leipzig Bundesliga
84 M. Minyan Italian club Milan Italian League A
83 V. Geocares Sporting Portuguese Premier League
82 L. Diaz Liverpool Premier League
81 C. Pulisic Italian club Milan Italian League A

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