Germany’s main result. It is about 5G network and relations with China

As part of the 5G rollout, components from China won’t be completely banned — the home ministry wants to “strictly control” their use.

“It took the Federal Ministry of Interior many years to deal with the Huawei case. During Angela Merkel’s government, Germany was afraid of excluding Chinese suppliers from expanding the crucial 5G network. The IT Security Act of 2021 has already been drafted in theory. Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to take advantage of the law without openly clashing with China. likes,” describes the “Tagesschau”.

Continuation of the material below the video

There will be no complete ban on Chinese components

A complete ban on using Chinese components is not an option. The “last mile” transport network, which includes so-called radio masts, will be allowed to use a total of 25 percent of the services of Chinese suppliers. Established stations in Germany. The “Tagesschau” notes that “the new rule must change some elements that are already established.”

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