Germany’s economic model is coming to an end. It lasted almost half a century

  • In May, Germany recorded its largest foreign trade deficit since 1991, amounting to EUR 0.9 billion.
  • According to PKO BP economists, the competitiveness of the German economy based on cheap natural gas from Russia is under a big question mark.
  • A reduction in the supply of energy sources from Russia means that the German economy could fall into recession
  • German analytical centers estimate economic losses from the lack of gas supplies from Russia at 6-12 percent. A threat to GDP and 5-6 million jobs in our western neighbours
  • The problems of the German economy will affect the entire economy of the Eurozone, but also ours, as it is Poland’s most important trading partner.
  • Almost 28 percent goes to Germany. Exports from Poland were worth EUR 29.5 billion in January-April this year alone.
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Recent reports on Germany’s trade have drawn the world’s attention to the economies of our western neighbours. In May, Germany posted its first trade deficit since 1991y, which is EUR 0.9 billion. Exports fell 0.5 percent. Month-on-month, and imports increased by 3%.

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