Germany. The court imposed a fine of 4000 euro for using the code “Z”.

According to German media, the 62-year-old in favor Attach the white card with the blue letter “Z”. left was punished Fines totaling 4,000 euros by a court in Hamburg.

– The court found the driver guilty of a crime – said the spokesperson of the court. – According to the court, this is a sign of solidarity with Russia and support for the war in UkraineIt is a war of aggression in the sense of international criminal law – he added.

In court the man confirmed that he stuck a piece of paper on the glass “Z” symbol.

Symbol “Z” used by Russian troops Soldiers mark their equipment during a fight in Ukraine. This is also used Pro-Kremlin propaganda, which appears on posters, advertisements, clothes and gadgets, and is also advertised on television favorable to the authorities. The Russians and their sympathizers consider “Z”. A symbol of support for the war in Ukraine.

Use of this symbol is punishable. in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia. In Poland In April, a law came into force, accordingly Using the “Z” symbol Subject to fines, restriction of liberty or imprisonment.

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