Germany: New fees nationwide. A monthly pass costs 49 euros

According to the Association of German Transport Companies, more than three million people have already bought the new ticket for May.

– We want to financially free our citizens with this ticket. At the same time, encourage people to use public transport and save money, he said Walter Wissing, Union Transport Minister.

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The idea of ​​a single charge across the board Germany Created about a year ago Energy crisis In 2000, a nine-euro ticket was introduced for three months, enabling travel across Germany by public and regional transport.

The new ticket price is higher, but still cheaper than the previous monthly tickets, which were only valid domestically. This offer is also available PolesPeople who want to go to Germany.

Tickets for 49 euros. Where to buy?

The ticket is a subscription, which means you have to terminate a contract with the carrier.

– This ticket cannot be bought arbitrarily Ticket machines. It is valid from the first day to the last day of the month. If we don’t resign early, it will be moved to next month – explained Peter Cornelius from the Passenger Association in an interview with Tomas Lejman.


Tickets for 49 euros We can order from several hundred carriers and receive a plastic card or application from them. A European bank account is sufficient. Theoretically, since Polsat News can be installed, some companies perform additional customer verification.

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It’s about the so-called Schufa, the Polish equivalent of BIK, which, among other things, checks whether we’ve had problems settling amounts owed to banks and companies in the past. and the like Verification It is possible if you have an account in Germany.

– We know this is a problem, but I hope our carriers will soon find a solution to make it easier for foreign guests to purchase this ticket. This ticket is just starting – said Eike Arnold from the association of German guides VDV.

Poles are tickets to work

Previous monthly tickets appreciated by Poles every day Traveling to Germany for work, in Poland, cities near the border are also important in many cases. Because such agreements were concluded by Polish and German local governments. On the new ticket we will not receive from Germany Thorns. On the way to Słubice you can only choose BusNo more trains.

– We would like to wait for the complaints and comments that come to us on this matter. The more of them, the easier it will be for us to talk about changes with the commissioners Cross border links – Peter Cornelius pointed out.

The 49-euro ticket is set to be modified over time to suit passenger needs.

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