Germany: Explosion at Radingen. Among the injured policemen

In Radingen, Germany, an explosion occurred for unknown reasons. Scores of policemen and firemen were injured. They will be called to the site to help the helpless person.

When the police and firemen arrived at the scene, it happened explosion at the door of the apartment, a police spokesman said.

According to ZDF, ten firefighters and two policemen were among the injured. Some were seriously injured.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known. custody It did not prevent a planned attack.

Outbreak in Germany. Services are investigating the cause

The portal reported that the explosion occurred in front of the apartment entrance at 11.15 am on Thursday.

In the police spokesperson Assessment (North Rhine-Westphalia) confirmed to the portal that the explosion occurred on Berliner Street in Radingen.

“The neighbors called the police because the mailbox of an apartment was full and they suspected there was a person in the apartment who needed help,” said North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister, Herbert Riuhl.

– Police officers called firefighters to open the door of the apartment where the mother and son lived. He also said that there was an explosion there.

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A large number of police and fire departments are involved in the operation. Also 5 rescue helicopters are on site.

Interior Minister Nancy Feser is expected to make a statement this afternoon, ZDF reports.


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