Germany. Antique shop robbery in Berlin. The attacker who was holding the hostages has died

A special police unit swooped through the night to free hostages held in an antiques shop in Berlin from Monday to Tuesday. The assailant, who had been held captive by the man and woman since Monday evening, shot himself, rbb24 portal reported.

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“The performance of services in Schoeneberg’s Berlin district lasted from 2.30 a.m. until the morning. The hostages – a woman and a man – came out unharmed and the accused died– rbb24 reports, citing a police report on Twitter.

“According to the police, the accused committed suicide while the hostages were unharmed,” writes rbb24. DPA confirmed that the hostage, who had been held for several hours, was taken away in an ambulance. “A woman in the shop was also seriously injured” – discovered by the daily “Build” portal.

The surgery lasted nearly nine hours

“I can confirm that the operation is over,” a Berlin police spokeswoman said Tuesday morning. It lasted almost nine hours. The police were informed about the incident on Monday around 17.30 and the operation started. “Large scale”.

A second man, an alleged accomplice of the kidnapper, was detained “relatively early” shortly after services arrived at the scene. He handed it over to the police and left the shop on his own. “Both were armed.” The speaker insisted. The investigation is ongoing.

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