Georgia, South Ossetia. Officials in the separatist region announce a referendum on joining Russia

Anatoly Biplov, the outgoing leader of Georgia’s 50,000 separatist South Ossetian region, announced on Friday that a referendum would be held on July 17 on his “country” to join Russia. After the 2008 war with Georgia, Moscow recognized the independence of South Ossetia and the other self-proclaimed part of Georgia, Abkhazia.

“According to Article 50 (16) of the Constitution of South Ossetia, I decide to announce a referendum in South Ossetia on merging with the Russian Federation,” Biplov wrote in a statement on the Telegram channel. On Friday, he signed a related order.

In another post, the leader of the separatists in Tskhinvali openly awaits the outcome of the referendum: “Today, the Central Electoral Commission unanimously supported the attempt to annex South Ossetia to Russia. The documents have been sent to court. We are. We are waiting for the court’s verdict.

“Russia and South Ossetia are connected by a common history. It is not just a partnership or friendship. It is a trust-based relationship between two brothers in which the elder brother will always understand and support him with words and deeds. The younger will respect the elder and help him,” he added.

Anatoly Biplov

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According to the Reuters agency, Moscow recognized South Ossetia and another separatist region, Abkhazia, as independent states after the 2008 war with Georgia. He provided them with extensive financial assistance, granted Russian citizenship to the local people and stationed four thousand soldiers there.

Only Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru followed Russia. The rest of the world recognizes the two separatist republics as part of Georgia.

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Georgia insists that South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which opposed it in the 1990s, are Russian-occupied territories.

South Ossetia is a part of Georgia Shutterstock

He lost the election

On May 8, a second round of presidential elections took place in South Ossetia. Biplov lost to opposition candidate Alan Kaglov, who announced his readiness to tighten cooperation with Russia.

GagÅ‚ojew’s “registration” will take place after May 21st. Earlier, he said, “When the time comes, South Ossetia will be ready to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation.”

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