Genshin Impact’s Three Realms Gate event requires healers

Enjou looks at the camera with the Enkanomiya Tower in the distance.

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eagerly awaited Jinshin effect The “Three Realms Gate Show” event opened yesterday. many fans praise him To get rid of the time portals of content for the first time, allowing gacha to feel like a traditional RPG where you can play at your own pace. However, while her approach to time is more tolerant than most people Jinshin Events, and her battles certainly not. New Enemies Challenge has been introduced which, along with some unique exploration mechanics, makes The Three Realms Gate present a unique and challenging Jinshin event.

The event sees you explore a darker version of the Enkanomiya Islands to solve their puzzles and earn in-game rewards. This event-limited variation on Enkanomiya puts some ups and downs JinshinTypical open world exploration experience. By default, chests do not open in the event, ladders do not spawn, fast travel points do not open, and some enemies do not die. To activate these basic exploration mechanics, you have to spend Bokuso Box Chi Points that are depleting over time. Making this area more difficult, enemies here have advantages against shield characters. This all adds up to a potentially very dangerous journey for your characters. Here are some tips to ensure that your party is not wiped out as you face the unique and deadly challenges of the event. .

Bring healers

No, I am serious. The developers are running this event along with the upcoming Kokomi banner for a reason. Compared to the normal game content where it is much easier to cast a shield than to run health point management, healers are more important here. This is mainly due to the special types of enemies you encounter in this area. The event introduces Shadowy Husk’s enemies, who raise defense or heal their allies when they attack a shield. The only reason I took the notoriously fragile Xiao Fragile to this treacherous world was because I had two healers on the team. Oh, did I mention that this area also has Rifthounds, the enemies of wolves whose attacks can completely bypass armor?

Fighting these new anti-armor enemies is mandatory, as they drop items you need for event missions. Yeah. If you’re considering Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, or Thoma, you’re going to have a bad time. Take Kokomi, Qiqi, Bennett, or Barbara instead. Xingqiu Probably Work, but only if you’re really strong about dodging attacks.

If enemies don’t die, use Bokuso Box

Some enemies have a purple aura around them. This means that they will not die until you get rid of their bad vibes with the Bokuso Box. Simply press the Use Item button to deflect their aura, then defeat them naturally.

Always choose Tokoyo Legumes and Aphotium Ores

Tokoyo Legumes are the ghostly plants that grow in this event area. You have to stay near them for a few seconds before they become solid enough to pick. Avotium ores can only be extracted if you spend your valuable Chi Points. You should always mine them right away. While there is a cost, you never want to be short on some material when you stumble upon a point of fast travel. It costs five legumes and five ores to unlock each one. You’ll also use it to unlock turrets in the main campaign, so be sure to stock up on it, just in case.

Check the map frequently to see if you can upgrade your Bokuso Box

Developers made grinding event resources a Much easier this time. Besides the mini map showing treasure locations, the big map also tells you when you can upgrade your Bokuso Box. Simply head to the statue in the center of the map to spend your Light Realm Sigils fighting and exploring rewards. You can get it by completing challenges or opening chests.

Allow yourself to follow Seelies

I’m usually very skeptical when I see a floating Celie (a green spirit that leads players to treasure) in Jinshin overworld, because they usually tempt me away from other pieces of treasure or resources to collect. Not in the Three Realms event. Level design has improved significantly since the liberation of Enkanomiya. If you’re stuck in an area or puzzle, following Seelie often helps more than hinders.

My top tip is: Don’t play the whole event in one sitting. a lot of players He did this last nightThen complain about it Jinshin It does not have any content. Don’t be one of those people. You have approximately 40 days to finish the event, so be sure to organize yourself.

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