Gas prices soaring: Local headlines across the country highlight pain at the pump

local news outlets Across the country they are highlighting gas prices, which are back on the rise in recent weeks.

The Tulsa World newspaper in Oklahoma on Wednesday highlighted how gas prices in Tulsa have soared “20 cents a gallon overnight,” jumping to $3.59 after $3.38 the day before.

The WBRC outside Birmingham reported on Friday, “Three days ago in Alabama, the state average was $3.19 a gallon. On Friday, we hit $3.32 a gallon and that will continue to increase,” adding, “With supply and demand changing forever, it’s hard Now see how much of an increase we will see.”

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CBS affiliate KENS 5 in San Antonio on Thursday reported a jump in Texas gas prices to $3.20 a gallon, writing “that’s nine cents more than last week and 35 cents more than last year’s cost.”

“Drivers in El Paso pay an average of $3.56 per gallon, while drivers in the Brownsville-Harlingen metropolitan area pay at least $3.02 per gallon,” the report added.

Detail of a gas station. Gasoline pistols close-up.

In the Midwest, the Detroit News carried the headline, “Gas prices continue to rise in Michigan, up 23 cents a gallon from last week.”

“This latest increase puts the average pump price at $4.17 for regular unleaded fuel, which is 33 cents more than what Michigan residents paid in September and nearly a dollar more than this time last year,” the Detroit News wrote on Monday. Michigan’s price is about 40 cents higher than the national average, at $3.80, according to AAA-The Auto Club Group.

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Fox 32 in Chicago She reported, “Pain at the pump continues as gas prices soar in Illinois,” offering residents in Lincoln Land a warning before OPEC announces it will cut oil production.

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“As a result, you can expect your pump pain to get worse before it gets better,” FOX 32 wrote on Monday. “While gas prices are still down from where they peaked in June, here in Chicago, the average regular gallon price — $4.81 a gallon according to Triple-A — is again starting to rise dangerously close to the $5 a gallon mark. dreadful.”

Indianapolis’ WISH-TV reported that gas prices in Indiana have topped the $4 mark, writing on Tuesday that the average price of gas has risen to $4.12 per gallon, and how that is “16 cents higher than last week.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday, “Average gas prices in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Oshkosh are $4 a gallon; western Wisconsin has the cheapest gas in the state.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal told Out West residents that “gas prices are up more than 40 cents a week; they can go up before they go down.

Regular gasoline prices in Las Vegas averaged $5.52 per gallon this week, more than 40 cents more than the average price one week ago. That’s just 9 cents lower than the highest average price on record in Las Vegas of 5.61 dollars, according to AAA data. “Nevada’s average gas price is the second-highest in the country, after California… the state is about $1.70 higher than the national average, and 91 cents lower,” the Review Journal wrote on Tuesday. than average in California.”

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Phoenix’s KNXV-TV offered an explanation to residents asking the question in the headline, “Why is Phoenix gas back over $5?”

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“The high temperature in the valley may drop, but gas prices are rising,” the ABC15 report began on Tuesday.

The article cited Gasbuddy analyst Patrick D. Haan, who turned to issues at California oil refineries as a source of Phoenix’s financial pain at the pump, writing, “ABC15 looked at weekly data released by California regulators and found that recent oil inputs at Southern California refineries are often Among the lowest since 2018. Gasoline stocks at refineries designed specifically for export to states like Arizona and Nevada are also very low… Arizona gets about 60% of its gasoline from Southern California and most of it goes to the Phoenix area.”

New Jersey gas station prices. (Megan Myers / Fox News Digital)

New Jersey gas station prices. (Megan Myers / Fox News Digital)
(Fox News)

California itself Full of stories about rising costs. The Los Angeles Times ran the headline, “Record Gas Prices, Electricity Problems Show California’s Worsening Energy Vulnerabilities.” CBS Sacramento anchor Adrian Moore told viewers that the pain at the pump “has become unbearable,” noting that California is “a few cents away from another record.” FOX KTVU of Oakland published the article, “California is about to break the all-time high price of gasoline.”

The Seattle Times reported the “sharp rise” in gas prices affecting the West, especially in Washington, where the gallon was “$1.39 above the national average” on Oct. 3.

“At $5.45 a gallon, gas prices in the Seattle area are up 15% from early September when prices fell to their lowest since April, according to an analysis of Federal Energy Information Administration data,” the newspaper wrote.

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“I’m not crazy” to note that gas prices have “jumped quite a bit in just the last week or so,” Lauren Maxwell, an Alaskan news reporter, told viewers on Tuesday, highlighting the Alaskan average gallon price of $5.41.

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“Good luck trying to find him at that low in Anchorage,” Maxwell said.

High gas prices are posted at a full-service gas station in Beverly Hills, California, Sunday, November 7, 2021. The average price of regular gasoline in the United States has jumped 5 cents over the past two weeks, to .49 a gallon.  (Photo by Associated Press/ Damien Devarganis)

High gas prices are posted at a full-service gas station in Beverly Hills, California, Sunday, November 7, 2021. The average price of regular gasoline in the United States has jumped 5 cents over the past two weeks, to $3.49 a gallon. (Photo by Associated Press/ Damien Devarganis)
((AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes))

Out East, Clay Moden, radio host of WYRK 106.5 of Buffalo, New York, warned residents Thursday about rising gas prices en route, writing, “Love driving but hate fuel prices? Soon here in NY State. Prices are changing more than the weather looks like.” These days “.


Spectrum News 1 in Syracuse listed average prices in cities across New York on Saturday, writing, “In Buffalo, it’s $3.69. It’s the same price as in Rochester. Continuing to Syracuse, gas is a bit cheaper there with the average gas being 3.59.” dollars. And in Albany, it’s $3.64.”

After the OPEC announcement, FOX 23 Maine reported a jump in gas prices overnight, warning residents Thursday, “The pain at the pump is coming back. Gas prices have gone up overnight, and this may just be the beginning.”

Gas prices are at the forefront of voters’ concerns, as inflation and the economy remain the biggest problems, according to opinion polls conducted in the Arab Republic of Egypt. midterm elections.

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