Gary Payton II was tired of watching the Trail Blazers play without him

After months of recovering from abdominal surgery, Portland Trail Blazers Guard Gary Payton II made his season debut in a big way Monday Night vs Detroit Pistons. Playing 13 minutes off the bench, he tallied seven points and four assists while meshing well with his teammates – particularly rookie guard Shedon Sharp.

Trail Blazers went to winning the match 135-106.

Afterwards, Payton was available to speak with members of the media about his recovery and debut.

in the recovery process

frustrated. frustrated. interval. Just a disappointment. I’m tired of watching all my buddies, and the only way I can play and help is (go out) and just play. So, I think that was the biggest part of the frustration is that I can’t be there in that moment, you know, just to help my team. But now that she’s here, we’ve had a great game. Especially in the second half. We were flying all over the place, and I think the energy is contagious and it gets everyone going. Sheldon is completely making up his mind now, so I like that a lot about him and, you know, just being annoying. It should stop fouling a lot but it does a good job.

On Shaydon Sharp

Everyone helps make up their little buddies, but, especially in the game, things move quickly or they’re still picking up the pace of the game, and all they really need is someone just to guide them and, you know, just talk to them. I grew up in this league, and you know, just pass it by naturally. But he listens and that’s one of the biggest things with him is that he’s so relatable, so that will help him along the way.

on availability

Yes, this is more on CB (Chauncey Billups). I already told him, you know, if you need me in situations, I don’t care about her for 12 minutes. If we have to do something at the end of matches or whatever, let’s make it happen and win. I think we’re on the same page with that and so are the coaching staff. I’m not going to kill myself and I know they won’t let me kill myself, so I’m available.

Payton was a key defensive contributor for the Golden State Warriors In the 2021-22 NBA season. The Trail Blazers hope he can replicate that tenacity here in Portland and help lift the team to greater heights of success. He got off to a good start.

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