Future Polish campus. Political scientist Ivan Krastev: It’s easy to say we support Ukrainians, but if it hits us personally, the perspective changes

The future of the conflict will be decided by the community of Western Europe in the coming months, said Ivan Krastev, a Bulgarian political scientist. He will also judge that “Russia is not so much interested in winning two or three more cities in Ukraine, but rather in breaking the unity of the West.”

On Saturday, in Olsztyn, on the second day of Poland’s future campus, several panels were held. War in Ukraine and its consequences.

Ivan Krastev, an analyst and political scientist of Bulgarian origin, respected in Europe and the world, during a discussion with SÅ‚awomir Sierakowski on “Like a war in Ukraine Changing Europe? “He was asked about the fate of the Russian invasion. He estimated it would be between March and April next year.”Russia It will have an additional general called Winter, “because of this general, Russia will be in a better position until then,” he added.

The question before Western societies is “will they sacrifice their comforts or their values?”

He also pointed out that “the future of this conflict will be decided by the communities of Western Europe in the coming months.”

– Governments in Europe are unprepared for the energy crisis. It must be taken into account that there will be a shortage of energy, the production of many plants will be limited, and thousands of people will lose their jobs due to this. Do Western European societies understand this? It is easy to say that we support Ukrainians, but if it hits us personally, the perspective changes – Krastev said.

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Political scientist Ivan Krastev discusses “How is the war in Ukraine changing Europe?” On the campus of future PolandPAP / Tomasz Waszczuk

Western societies have different attitudes, the analyst said Conflict in Ukraine. – For Italians far from Ukraine, the conflict in Libya is very important – he argued.

According to Krastev, “Russia is not so interested in seizing two or three more cities in Ukraine as in breaking the unity of the West.” He said that Moscow views gas as a weapon and is making more money from it as the price of gas has risen an average of six times, even though it sends less to Europe than before the attack on Ukraine.

– Western societies must answer for themselves what kind of sacrifices they are willing to make. “Will they sacrifice their comfort or their values,” Krastev continued.

Krastev was asked by campus participants, incl. Should Russians be banned from traveling in Europe? He judged, “One must distinguish between leaders and societies, distinguish (Vladimir) Putin From (Alexei) Navalny “In his opinion, the West should accept people who oppose the war, for example Russians who want to flee to the West without joining the Russian army.” Every embassy should take this into account when issuing visas. “he said.

Main photo source: PAP / Tomasz Waszczuk

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