Full Hunter’s Moon Eclipse, the last eclipse of 2023, an early Halloween gift for stargazers (photos)

The moon passed through part of Earth’s shadow in a partial lunar eclipse that could be seen by millions of stargazers across the Eastern Hemisphere on Saturday, providing early sky-watching fun days before Halloween.

The October 28 partial lunar eclipse, the last of four eclipses of 2023 — two lunar and solar — occurred during October’s full Hunter Moon, providing the eerie sight of part of the moon disappearing as it is engulfed in lunar darkness. Earth’s shadow.

The lunar eclipse was only from the Earth’s night side as our planet moved between the Moon and the Sun. Sky watchers with clear skies can see the event from countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and parts of Australia. Some observers in selected states in the United States, such as New York, Alaska, and North Carolina, were able to capture the final stages of the eclipse. For everyone else, several live online broadcasts of the lunar eclipse showed online views from TimeandDate.com as well as from Ceccano, Italy by the Virtual Telescope Project.

The full Hunter Moon is seen during a partial lunar eclipse over Kuwait City in Kuwait on October 28, 2023 in this photo taken by AFP photographer Yasser Al-Zayat and published by Getty Images. (Image source: Yasser Al-Zayat/AFP via Getty Images)

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